About us

We are Daphne Laan & Sonja Wekema
We love new perspectives and make things happen

Our core values ​​are freedom, creativity, connection & joy! We bring new perspectives to boardrooms. We help organizations accelerate to new leadership. Daring to stand for your personal purpose and values helps teams and organizations to embrace courageous leadership, fostering creativity and innovation. We help redefine, reimagine and stretch boundaries to ignite meaningful change. And you may find yourself with an unexpected gift…

We met while we were members of the Education Committee for Executive (Team) Coaching at VU University. When we were writing a scientific article, we quickly discovered we both naturally challenge the status quo in the benefit of the greater good. To us, it is clear that diversity in background, thinking & acting is a necessity. It might take decades to see this reflected in a more balanced representation in boards. Instead of waiting for this to happen in the future, we are keen to get into action.


  • Every board or exec team deserves an open perspective, we look with wonder
  • Not one size fits all, with courage and magic
  • We work with what is there and bring in what is needed
  • Clear agreement

When we work with executive teams we:

  • Bring an outside in view, to help bring what’s inside an organization outside
  • Zoom out to zoom in
  • Shift focus from high performance teams to stakeholders and their stakeholders
  • Connect what you stand for as a leader and team with the organization purpose
  • Use creative problem-solving to find answers to problems and ways to take advantage of opportunities

What if you have worked with us?  You have:

  • Openness and transparency
  • Lasting connective leadership team stakeholders
  • What you have seen you can’t unsee
  • Commitment
  • Bedding for growth
  • Enjoy what “is”
  • Climate in which every voice is heard and matters
  • Ignited a spark to get into action


Curious and ready to take action?

Mail to:info@theboardwhisperers.com.

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Sonja Wekema

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