With The Board Whisperers you get to work with creativity, freedom, joy, connection and a blank canvas. If you bring courage for magic to happen, together we expand perspectives to create room for change.

Sounding Board | Curious to hear different perspectives on your business issue? The Board Whisperers always come up with an innovative, refreshing (and substantiated) angle to add value. You can bring in the themes or the topics that need your attention. We help bring in new and different perspectives. You walk away with a holistic view and a spark to get into action with what’s really important. When desired we can translate the outcomes into concrete actions.

Stakeholder Management | For new initiatives or ones that are stuck, we retrieve the net on what is going on, connect, orchestrate and feed back with recommendations. We scan the context, speak with stakeholders, assess all interests and jointly determine ways to improve. We accelerate to the desired set-up in a constructive and aligned manner.

Kickstart your business | For international organizations that want to expand business in the Netherlands, we prepare and accelerate market entry with a healthy foundation for courageous leadership.

Courageous Leadership | We help your organization accelerate to the new leadership that is needed. We work with boards, executive teams and future leaders and build bridges between generations and across organizational hierarchy.

“As whisperers we do not have a direct interest, therefore we listen and give an outside in perspective.”

Sounding Board

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Strategy alignment

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Kickstart your business

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Courageous Leadership

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