Strategy alignment

With our systemic and realistic approach, you will cut back on time, money and frustration and create a great team spirit and clarity when it comes to your stakeholder management strategy.

All change requires alignment to the long term vision. A multidimensional approach combining courageous leadership, soundboarding and stakeholder management to set purposeful change in motion. You will be inspired to adopt a new way of thinking about actions: to connect, to give freedom and to power creativity.

  • Identifying the relevant stakeholders
    From experience, we know that many leaders in organisations have a blind spot when it comes to identifying their key stakeholders. We have a pragmatic approach of supporting organisations with align their stakeholder alignment strategy to their business strategy.
  • Engagement plan
    Many leaders complain about their calendars being so full that they have little time available for e.g. self-reflection, a key enabler for healthy leadership. In order to declutter your schedule, it is key to understand how much time you spend on which stakeholder and for what reason. From our own research, we know that leaders can claim back > 20% of their time with a solid engagement plan.
  • Teaming up in stakeholder management
    For the leaders who have difficulty delegating or empowering their team members, it is key to align on roles and responsibilities when it comes to stakeholder intimicy. We can support you in setting up a process that works for both individuals, teams and organisations.

Bringing stakeholder voices into the boardroom is increasingly being called for. For new initiatives or ones that are stuck, we retrieve the net on what is going on, connect, orchestrate and feed back with recommendations. We scan the context, speak with stakeholders, assess all interests and jointly determine ways to improve. We accelerate to the desired set-up in a constructive and aligned manner.



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